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The BBC, which does not have the financial flexibility to stage a buyout on its own, held talks with ITV and Channel 4 , but the day window to make a bid expired in June with no partner on board. It is understood the BBC and Discovery have all but agreed a deal to instead break up UKTV, which has operated since the early s, splitting the channels between them. It is not clear how the mix of channels will be divided but those most filled with BBC archive content, such as Drama and Gold, would be obvious candidates to remain with the corporation. If a final agreement can be reached, a BBC board meeting later in September is thought to be when the plan would need final approval. Netflix and Amazon become more popular than pay-TV services Read more Much of the blame for the delay has centred on the BBC splitting the video-on-demand rights to its programmes, with the corporation packaging up different deals for UKTV and others such as Netflix. Channel 4 stands to lose potentially tens of millions of pounds in revenues, depending on what channels are secured by Discovery, which has its TV ad sales contract with Sky. Channel 4 and the BBC have been in talks for months about a potential partnership , including video-on-demand rights, which would be able to be hammered out after the fate of UKTV is known. It was hoped that partners including Channel 4 would come on board for a UK service, but a British launch did not take place.

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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

Kandi Burruss revealed that she once hooked up with Porsha Williams as sex secrets surfaced during Sunday"s episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

He said Brandon hit him in the eye so I doubt an apology is coming soon. Maybe Brandon did punch him in the eye, where was his bruise if that was the case? Apollo is a liar and full of shit. Everybody with an ounce of sense KNEW he was lying! Someone said on another blog that whenever Apollo is speaking about Kenya he lights up and smiles…I also hear Phaedra is doing a leave of absence. Apollo is such a dang fool.

I think he forgot he admitted on camera in season 6 while they were in Mexico that he lied on Kenya. Apollo is just looking for friends to write him and put money on his books. As if Kenya would ever give him the time or day. Phaedra is hiding something.

Is Phaedra Parks planning return to Bravo with NYC appearance

Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn"t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. Progress Indicator Opening Apple Books. If Apple Books doesn"t open, click the Books app in your Dock. Progress Indicator iTunes iTunes is the world"s easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

Apollo Nida has finally come clean about the Kenya Moore #TextGate. It appears he’s making things right before he starts serving his 8-year prison term. He might be looking for “friends” to put money on his books while he’s in the pokey. Nevertheless, he’s finally confessing to .

He attended kindergarten in — at Noelani Elementary School in Honolulu. As a child in Indonesia, Obama was called"Barry", sometimes Barry Soetoro, reflecting his stepfather"s surname, and sometimes Barry Obama, using his father"s surname. Origins of the claims Conspiracy theories about Obama"s religion appeared at least as early as his U. Senate campaign in a press release by Illinois political candidate Andy Martin , [28] and, according to a Los Angeles Times editorial, as Internet rumors.

In April of that year, anonymous e-mails from supporters of Hillary Clinton repeated the same rumor, [30] including a Clinton Iowa campaign worker, who was fired for sending the e-mail. Berg , a former member of the Democratic State Committee of Pennsylvania, brought an unsuccessful lawsuit against Obama , which alleged"that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

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Location[ edit ] The cave lies at an altitude of 75 m, less than a kilometer from the sea. During the glacial age, the descent from the cave to the coastline was much steeper, which explains why the cave was little used at that time. The age of the findings was determined using radiocarbon dating. However, some findings might be older as their level of Carbon is below the detection limit. The high similarity has prompted questions about whether tools in Liang Bua were made by Homo sapiens , and not by Homo floresiensis.

Jerimalai is a limestone cave, southeast of Tutuala, on the eastern tip of East Timor. Fish remains and fish hooks excavated in Jerimalai provide evidence for advanced fishing technique by inhabitants of Timor 42, years ago.

Leave a comment Source: But with that status has come a fair bit of mistrust between her and the public. And that makes me wonder why is it that we have such a hard time believing Kenya when she speaks on personal matters? She keeps her cards very close to the vest and that might be part of what makes an already unsympathetic public less likely to trust her word.

But, it may be time to cut her some slack. When Kenya denied trying to hook up with Apollo, no one believed her until receipts were produced that backed up her account of events. Her attempts to dispel rumors about her firing last season were pretty vague, but not disingenuous. Although her presence was not as prominent for a few episodes, she ultimately lasted the remainder of the season.

As rumors of her possible pregnancy began circulating, people did not hesitate to openly question the news.

Celebrities Who Hooked Up On Video Sets

Episode 1 50 Shades of Cynthia Kenya returns home from vacation with big news. Kandi"s business continues to boom. Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life. At Cynthia"s fiftieth birthday party, things heat up when Nene comes face to face with a former friend.

Hook and Emma"s touching goodbye in Sunday"s (Nov. 30)"Once Upon a Time" sets up Emma"s most devastating heartbreak to come. As the Spell of Shattered Sight heads to Storybrooke, things look very bleak for the town"s beloved couple.

The thing about this book, and many others of similar vein from the same period, are two basic assumptions: The basic concept was that while government might lease a major chunk of the station, it was the commercial aspects that made it a viable concept. Nobody was going to foot the bill for government to build its own station. Back then, it never occurred to futurists like Del Rey that spaceflight would become the exclusive domain of governments.

And while there were numerous scifi stories about first Contact and exploration, a lot of the hard, practical scifi of the time was about the commercial exploitation of the solar system. Writers of hard speculative fiction, such as Heinlein and Del Rey and Nourse wrote stories centered on the concept of exploitation, mining, farming, manufacturing, terraforming, colonization, expansion, with exploration as a sort of byproduct — these were the themes that tied together the Winston series , and it was a common theme of Heinlein and Clarke and Asimov and the other greats who were hardly starry eyed dreamers.

That what Vespucci and Drake and all those other explorers were doing. Unfortunately or not, depending , history rarely, if ever, repeats itself. For many reasons — much of which involves the paranoia of the Cold War — access to space became almost exclusively the domain of governments, and only a few governments at that. Because of this, human access to space is far, far beyond the ordinary earthbound human being and is the exclusive purview of a tiny cadre of highly trained government employees or the very, very rich.

What we have is a space program. This is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself — depending entirely on what the objective is. The objectives of our space program are many and varied, but none of those objectives will ever lead to the kind of self sustaining commercial ventures visualized in the popular speculation of the Golden Age. The Shuttle is a perfect example.

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Source Disney Universe is a co-operative action-adventure video game, published by Disney Interactive Studios. It features the ability to suit up as characters from multiple Disney franchises, including the full-length animated feature films like The Lion King , Pixar feature films like Monsters, Inc. Up to four friends can connect through local multiplayer and play through 6 different worlds to defeat enemies, and collect powerups and coins. One unique feature is that the enemies actively try to hinder a player"s progress by setting up traps or hiding key items.

The two main attractions of the game are that players can travel to 6 worlds from classic and contemporary Disney and Pixar properties, consisting of Alice in Wonderland , Pirates of the Caribbean , The Lion King , Wall-E , Monsters, Inc.

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online. Stream episodes and clips of The Real Housewives of Atlanta instantly. hulu Shaping Up and Shipping Out. TV14 • Reality • Episode () Just Like Home. The Wives Talk Kenya and Apollo.

GraphQL is a type-safe query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL requires buy-in from both your client and your server — it then puts the power of requesting only what you want into the client and the business logic of finding and filtering that data into backend resolvers. Specifically in this course it enables libraries that make caching, loading, error handling and pagination a breeze Complex Relational Data queries and server-side mutations like signing up or checking-out are a snap with GraphQL.

GraphQL is just a standard and can be implemented in any language or framework. He is a course creator, works as an independent web developer and is the co-host of Syntax - a popular web development podcast. Wes wrote his own bio in the third person for some reason. He is also the author of JavaScript Who is this for? You should be already familiar with the basics of React - components, state, props, modules and event handlers. If you have taken my React For Beginners course or built a few things in React, you are in good shape.

Why Do People Have Such A Hard Time Believing Kenya Moore

The group is old and tired that"s what"s hurting it, Porsha is just special I"m not sure why they keep her around. I guess the divorce is going to be the storyline. Does anyone here watch Southern Charm? Orchidjones Each member who is staying has a story line now, so I am not surprised here. This is so nuts!

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Todd Tucker reveals that Apollo Nida had sex with Porsha before he. Porsha Williams, youre off the hook! When we asked Kenya how Phaedra is holding up, now that Apollo is in jail, she also addressed the rumors. Kenya insisted that Apollo had been texting her all season trying to hook up with her, but Apollo turned the tables on her and said that it was. Did she ever try to check the facts?

She tried to take me. Apollo has basically broken up our family, Phaedra said. Did kenya and apollo hook up.

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Online

His publicist is Michelle Bega. Since his evolution to fame and fortune, he stopped going to church. But in , he came back to the Catholic church when he started filming"Rocky Balboa". The longest he has gone without a Razzie nomination is 7 years, between Spy Kids 3: Game Over and The Expendables

Which seems to confirm Apollo’s belief in a replacement scenario, a theme I shall return to, but which also flags up an issue. Apollo states above that everything remains hidden in plain sight and frequently comments that there"s nothing you can see that isn"t shown.

Challenges[ edit ] By early , dozens of lawsuits had been filed challenging Obama"s eligibility in states including North Carolina, [2] Ohio, [3] Pennsylvania, [4] Hawaii, [5] Connecticut, [6] New Jersey, Texas and Washington. Obstacles[ edit ] A major obstacle to most citizen suits has been lack of standing. In the initial wave of lawsuits challenging the validity of the presidential election , the only plaintiff who was a presidential candidate or presidential elector was Alan Keyes.

The importance of the doctrine of standing was explained by Judge R. He noted that one of the principal aims of the doctrine is to prevent courts from deciding questions"where the harm is too vague. Berg , a Democrat [11] and former deputy state attorney general, filed a complaint alleging that Obama was born in Kenya , not Hawaii, and was therefore a citizen of Kenya or possibly Indonesia, where he lived as a child.

Barclay Surrick dismissed the complaint in October , finding that Berg lacked standing to bring the case and that his attempts to gain standing to pursue his claim were"frivolous and not worthy of discussion. On December 10, , the Supreme Court denied Berg"s request for an injunction against the seating of the Electoral College, scheduled for December The application for stay addressed to Justice Scalia and referred to the Court was also summarily denied on January 21, The suit was originally filed as a Freedom of Information Act case, but was amended to a judicial challenge to Obama"s qualifications for the Office of President of the United States.

Essek sought to prevent the inauguration of Barack Obama on the grounds that Obama was not a natural born citizen based on allegations that Obama was born in Kenya. Van Tatenhove dismissed the suit because of a lack of subject matter jurisdiction, stating that Mr. Essek"s grievance was the generalized grievance of a voter, not a specific injury that would have granted him standing to sue. Obama, affirmed the dismissal, and ordered Apuzzo to show cause why he should not be sanctioned for initiating a frivolous appeal.


As do brunettes , redheads , Bald Women , little old ladies with white hair and young girls with Amazing Technicolor Hair. The heroine, like the hero, tends to be much more mature and likable than in All Girls Want Bad Boys ; frequently, they"ve been burned by a previous lover , and generally, they"ve matured. But it is not necessary.

Sylvester"s father, Frank Stallone, was an Italian emigrant, born in Gioia del Colle, Apulia, to Silvestro Stallone and Pulcheria ter"s mother, Jackie Stallone, was born Jacqueline Labofish in Washington, D.C. Sylvester"s maternal grandfather, John Paul Labofish, was born in Pennsylvania, to emigrants from the Russian Empire, Charles Schachan Labofish/Labofisz and Rose Ethel.

Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams are knee-deep in an ongoing drama linked to the rumors about Kandi being a lesbian and allegations regarding a hook-up between her and the RHOA radio host, which have escalated. Phaedra Parks was in the line of fire on Sunday when Porsha told the Kandi to apologize to Phaedra for insinuating that she had cheated on Apollo Nida. Oh, boy, here we go.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta While Phaedra danced around the gossip, Kenya Moore thinks she heard something much juicier in the subtext in the clip above. When the ladies gather to celebrate Phaedra and Cynthia Bailey"s divorces, Phaedra is definitely not in the party spirit. Shanell"Lady Luck" Jones has love on her brain, and she might be willing to take the next step with Somaya. But is her mama ready for that kind of commitment for her daughter?

And the Verdict Is Love U Love U: Roshini Raj gets to the bottom of why you feel sick after a split. Feeling depressed about a break-up? Well now we know why. Roshini Raj explores the physical impacts of breakups in Love U , a new digital series co-produced by Bravo and Mashable.

RHOA: Was Kenya Moore Disrespectful of Phaedra Parks" Marriage? (Season 9, Episode 18)

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